Thursday, July 13, 2017

Welcome to my site!

Welcome to all who are finding my page!

I haven't updated in a very long time, but I would like to start again. What are you interested in?
I've taught preschool for 9 years and have many ideas and activities. Please comment below and let me know what you'd like to see.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Monday, May 2, 2016

What would you like to see??

Seeing as my 6 Days of Creation post is pretty popular, I'd like to focus more on what you want to see. What sort of ideas can I help you with? Which themes, topics, ideas?

Leave a comment and let me know, I'll do my best to answer!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Purim Ideas

This was our bulletin board. The children made their own Purim characters and depictions of the 4 mitzvot of Purim. Each shape is another Mitzvah and the puppets in the middle are the different Purim characters. Underneath, the children wrote the name of the person they created.

Purim bulletin board

Our highlight!! The children loved creating these. It was a 3 week process. The students created them however they wished. I set out trays of different things they could use for eyes, nose, mouth, hair. I had different crowns they were able to trace and decide which one they wanted to use and different color paper. The tail on Vashti is a pipe cleaner.
This was an absolute hit!

For our Graggers, we decorated water bottles with cut streamers. We then tested different sounds by filling a variety of containers with beans, rice, magic nuudles, lentils, pompoms, beans and buttons. We tried to predict what would make loud sounds and what would be soft. Our containers were metal, plastic and cardboard.
After filling them and testing them out we chose what we want for our graggers and filled them with funnels.
Be sure to hot glue the cap on when you're done as these little pieces are a choking hazard.
Our Purim Gragger
Testing sounds with different items

Filling our Graggers
For our megillah, we dressed up and acted out the Purim story and took pictures of each scene. This was very special and we bound it into a mini book.
Of course we also made hamantaschen and had a grand masquerade. We set up a store with baskets and the kids went shopping for shalach manos. They also created baskets out of clics.

Do you have any purim ideas that worked for you?

Happy Purim!

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I used these bags to introduce and teach the 6 days of Creation

Exploring light and shadows with flashlights. We made shadow portraits by tracing the shadow of our face with chalk on black construction paper.
Matching different types of candles to their holders

Learning how fire needs oxygen to stay lit. We covered the flame and the fire went out.

I taught the kids how to cut grass, draw a sun and birds.


Credit goes to Jewish Montessori Activities for the template for this fabulous game. Check out her fantastic website Perfect for getting those little fingers coordinated. The kids had to clip on the numbered clothespin to the correct section of animals.

Noah's Ark out of Lego!!!

Sink or Float? The kids chose different objects from around the classroom and guessed whether it would sink or float. Then we tested it and graphed the results.
The boys made this Teiva - Ark. After they were done, I showed them an image of a rainbow, and they drew their own on top of the Ark.

Friday, April 5, 2013


You need milk, food coloring, q-tips and dish-washing soap.
Pour the milk in a plate and put in a drop of each color of the food coloring.
Dip the q-tip into the soap and place it in the center of the plate. Watch the colors swirl together!


The children had to match the cones to the correct topping. On the other side I put capital and lower case letters for them to match up.