Sunday, October 28, 2012

ABC Book Pages

We used Dotters for letter 'D'

We turned our letter 'E' into an Elephant with a long trunk

We decorated our 'G' with Grass. We learned how to create paper "grass" and pasted it on.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Letter 'G' Activities

We went outside and cut Grass

We learned how to cut "grass" strips out of paper. We decorated our letter 'G' with the grass that we cut from outside and pasted on our cut grass strip on the bottom.
Highlighting the letter 'G's

Making Green salad! Grapes, apples, kiwi. We peeled and cut the fruit!
Cleaning up the Garbage with Garbage trucks

Letter 'D' Activities

We dotted the letter 'D' with Dotters  

We practiced writing 'D's with chalk

We played with Dice. We spun the die and counted the dots. We then found the correct number stamp and stamped it in the proper column.

Dalmation Dogs! We dotted them and turned them into puppets.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Letter 'E' Activities

Elephant sequencing

We made scrambled eggs

We made elephant crowns. We colored in the ears with gray, and put a pipe cleaner for a trunk. It was a big hit!

We formed the letter 'E' with our bodies

Forming the letter 'E' with shapes

Blowing bubbles through our "Elephant Trunks" (pop-tubes)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thankful Turkeys

We traced one of our feet and cut it out.
Then we pasted it on a paper and gave it a turkey face. We added feathers, and on each feather we wrote what we are thankful for.

Turkey Feather Game

We had to put the right amount of feathers on each turkey and for the little ones, they had to match the right color feather to the correct turkey.
I did this before Yom Kippur with chickens and white feathers for kapparos.

Discovering Pumpkins

 We passed the pumpkin around and everyone got to feel it. Then we tried to guess what was inside. We measured the 'circumference' of the pumpkin and then cut it open. We used a magnifying glass to look at the seeds.
We saved the seeds and played a math game with them.
We baked pumpkin pie!

Rosh Hashanah

Honey Dish: We glued onto a clear plastic plate different colored tissue paper and the blessing. Then we put another clear plastic plate on top with more glue.

Shana Tova Card: The kids painted the honey jars and we wrote their message to their parents. They signed their names on the bottom. We stuck their picture a stick that they were able to push up and down as if dipping it in the honey.

Tashlich: The kids cut out wavy lines with the paper folded in half. They decorated the little man to look like them and tuck it on with the fish.

Fall Activities

Fall Discovery Table with Indian corn, acorns, leaves.

Rain! We learned how to hang, zip and put on our jackets, and had a blast playing with umbrellas, rain-boots and rain-jackets.
We planted corn in a bag! First we put dirt in the bag, then some popcorn seeds, and then we sprayed some water inside. We watered it every day and watched our plants grow!

We painted glistening fall leaves. We mixed sugar with water and food coloring. When the leaves dry, they look like glistening, beautiful fall leaves.

Elul - The King is in the Field

Elul - The King is in the field. The kids learned how to cut grass out of paper, and then they put together their own king.


 We had the kids split into groups and make sukkahs out of different items. Then we went on a nature walk and cut schach - branches - for our sukkahs.